Hello Liberal Defenders? Now Is The Time To Speak Up

Holleewood —  May 29, 2013 — Leave a comment

Good afternoon Americans

Live from Austin, Texas. For Truth, Justice and the American way.

~ I am not really sure what has come over me. Maybe since I have a “writing” job everyday I am less inclined to blog. Trust me, there is plenty to talk about. Think I will take a few swings.

~ Michelle Bachmann may not be the savviest politician ever, but you know what? She cares about her country and gave up personal time to do something about it. Which is more than I can say for most people. She rides off in to the sunset knowing that she was part of the answer, and not the problem. Adios girl. Appreciate the effort.

~ I had to laugh when I saw total douche-bag and disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner setting up a bid for the Mayor of NYC? Are you kidding me? If the good folks of the big apple vote this guy in, they are morons.

~ See you later Eric Holder. This tool approved the surveillance of James Rosen’s e-mails etc. No blaming somebody else. Finally we can get rid of this Obama henchman and start working on the rest of them.

~ BTW….where is all the liberal defense of their poster boy? C’mon….all you did was re-elect the worst President in the history of this country. Now he has 3 nasty scandals brewing and maybe more. Where is the love for your fearless leader and his cast of fools?

~ I watched the Liberace HBO show with Michael Douglas and Matt Damon. How in God’s name did these guys get through all the homosexual stuff without dying? Especially the sex scene where Matt is giving him a little booty action? LOL

Rock on




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