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Holleewood —  May 10, 2013 — Leave a comment

Good afternoon Americans

Live from Austin, Texas. For Truth, Justice and the American way.

Another slow blogging week for your boy Holleewood. All I can say is lets get right to the quick hits with no further adieu!

~ Hello President Obama and Hillary Clinton. The Benghazi issue is a fire-storm. As usual….if they had just told the truth, said they were committed to finding the terrorist that attacked and killed our Ambassador and brave soldiers, all would be fine. But no…Susan Rice fed the nation a bunch of crap, and the administration had SOMEBODY that told her to. Lies, cover-up, obfuscation, you name it. “What difference does it make?” I am sure you will be the first to know Mrs Clinton….Seller. Oh yeah….and the memos were revised 12 times so as to not “hurt” anybody at state? Uh…again 4 dead !!

~ Stock market continues to roll….and still no sign of my “Occupy Wall Street” tools.

~ I read where the terrorist brothers who bombed the Boston Marathon may have been involved in a gruesome triple murder. Damn shame they didn’t kill both of these douche bags in that shoot-out.

~ I am somewhat intrigued about the Great Gatsby with DeCaprio. I think the guy is an underrated actor….and I love the book. The 20’s must have been so cool.

~ Why in the hell is the IRS targeting conservative groups like the Tea Party. Even more important….who told them to? This could also be a thorn to the current toolbox administration.

~ I know that football players need all the best gear in the world. Hell…I am personally invested in a company that is making this new protective gear. But why, many years after the fact, are they all trying to sue for concussions etc.? Uh….playing football is a very violent sport. Nobody wants to see anybody permanently hurt, but you pay your money, you take your chances. Fame and fortune sometimes have a steeper price.

~ Randy Jackson leaving American Idol. Who cares? The show has become boring and stupid. Let’s move on.

Lets have a great weekend….and lets be careful out there.

Rock on



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