Fifteen Years and Counting.

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Good morning Americans

Live from Austin, Texas. For Truth, Justice and the American way.

~ It’s been a busy couple of weeks, and my musings have not hit the internet airwaves as regularly as I would like, and for that I apologize. Things may get even slower as the Bunny and I will be leaving for a wonderful anniversary trip to San Francisco and Sonoma Valley on Wednesday. We actually will be returning to the scene of the crime. I asked my dear bride to marry me in the fall of 1997 while we were in San Francisco. We haven’t been back since, and that’s a shame. I have always maintained that there are three great cities in our wonderful land that everybody should visit at least once. New York City, San Francisco and New Orleans. They are historic, timeless, beautiful and rich with tradition and history. So I look very forward to returning to the city by the bay, seeing some dear friends, and having a great time, as the Bunny and I celebrate fifteen years of weeded bliss. She has been the best wife in the world, and I wouldn’t change a thing in terms of how my life has unfolded. I have been blessed.

~ Real quick hit on yesterdays Masters finish. Always a bummer when the rain shows up on Sunday at Augusta. Never seems to happen that much, but it just puts a damper on the whole feel and ending. I will tell you one thing, I bet Tiger would like a do-over. That two stroke penalty was a killer. He would have been right in the thick of things despite his slow start yesterday. It’s funny, it seemed like Tiger won the Masters every other year for a while. They said yesterday it’s been 8 years since his last victory. He is going to have to get rolling if he intends to catch Jack’s 18 majors.

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