I Hope The President and John Kerry Can Afford the 5% hit!

Holleewood —  April 4, 2013 — Leave a comment

Good afternoon Americans

Live from Austin, Texas. For Truth, Justice and the American way.

~ I see where the President and Secretary of State “Reporting for duty” are willing to take one for the team and give up 5% of their salaries. Wow…talk about empty gestures. If you are going to give it up, how about something significant. For the President that’s $20,000…big deal. Your net worth is now north of $10MM after all the books etc. It’s not like you have ANY expenses. However, for my pal Kerry, this is totally laughable. Check out the stunning picture with noted traitor and Viet Cong sympathizer, Jane Fonda from back in the day. You may remember this idiot is married to Teresa Heinz…you know like the Ketchup. Why Kerry takes ANY salary is beyond me. You talk about liberal elitist, here’s the poster boy. Btw Teresa Heinz net worth? An estimated $200 million large people. She and Kerry have been married since 1995. His allowance from Mommy probably more than his D.C. salary. This is stupid. Tell it to somebody who cares chumps!

~ Politically correct now officially Politically retarded. I know retarded is a “bad” word these days, but look at it this way, it’s also used in music and it’s not a problem. A friend of mine posted a story from my old stomping grounds of Phoenix. Apparently they want to hire more life guards that are not caucasian. They need Latino or black lifeguards I guess. So get this they are willing to hire life guards that can’t swim if they meet the “retarded” guidelines. Uh….really? You must be joking? In an effort to achieve some sort of idiotic affirmative action? Hope nobody drowns morons.

~ I guess we have come a long way since the Cuban missile crisis of 1962. Nobody gives a damn how much hot rhetoric Kim Jong Un spews…nobody cares. Stock market? Nope. President? Nope. Military? Not really. I get it…this little man is like a flea on an Elephant’s butt, I get it. But if he fires something, anything with a nuke on it, and it hits somewhere, all hell’s going to break loose. Like I always have maintained, this is the Chinese problem. You supported and paid for this shit-hole…and little boy grey. You get in there right now and give him a spanking and say “NO”. Insane…

Rock on


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