I Really Think That Citizens Should Have To Pass a Test To Vote

Holleewood —  April 3, 2013 — Leave a comment

Good afternoon Americans

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~ I saw former Senator Scott Brown on Bill O’Reilly a couple of nights ago. He was guest hosting, and for what seemed like his first time the Senator did a damn good job. While watching the Senator, with his thoughtful insights and really good dialogue I had to wonder. How in the hell did the citizens of the state of Massachusetts vote for Elizabeth Warren over this guy? They caught her in bold faced lies about being a native american descendant. She’s from Oklahoma City…has never had a job in the real world. She pitches herself as some populist that says nobody got rich without the nations infrastructure. Listen babe…nobody ever got rich without risking their own personal capital, something you have never done. You got appointed to posts that you were way over your head in. Ridiculous.

~ In regards to the headline, I always get a great laugh when Jay Leno or Jesse Watters from Fox go out and talk to the morons on the street that make up so much of this country. Time and time again they ask these idiots the simplest of questions, and they have no idea. Like who is the VP? Who is the House majority leader. They asked the tools in SoCal who their Governor was….they had no earthly idea. Bottom line, I don’t give a damn if people are stupid. Watch all the Jersey Shore and Hot Housewives of Atlanta you can stomach. Why in God’s name do we allow these idiots to vote? They put people in to office that they think are “cool”. The 13 year old next door to us know’s more than most of these fools Jay and Jesse encounter. Good night….and good luck.

~ Sports quick hit. Yu Darvish of the Rangers misses a perfect game by an out? What a bummer. He mowed down the little Astro’s like they were a high school team, which they kind of are. The Stro’s are doing it right…and they will be back some day. Trust me, I have more than a little bit of insight to the situation. $22MM payroll this year is less than rip-off artist A-Rod makes himself LOL. When they finish fixing the farm system, Jim Crane will spend the loot, and they will win.

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