Cancel My Move To Stockton, California

Holleewood —  April 2, 2013 — Leave a comment

Good afternoon Americans

Live from Austin, Texas. For Truth, Justice and the American way.

~ Well it happened, and I suspect Detroit ain’t far behind. The city of Stockton, California was forced to file bankruptcy because they can’t pay their bills. See Stockton doesn’t have the same luxury as the United States. When we can’t pay our bills we simply print more money. Now of course, that weakens the buying power of our currency because it’s literally dilution of the currency, but who cares? Obviously not the morons in power in our government. The good citizens of Stockton don’t have that ability. Bottom line, their biggest creditor is Calpers the state pension fund. Where overpaid union workers are set for life. Oh yeah….and btw, CalPers is under funded by $87 billion. That means there is more payments due to retirees than money in the system. Oh well….maybe you should have thought of that before. Good luck and good night Cali tools.

~ Ever heard the name Dr. Kermit Gosnell? You will, he’s the Philadelphia abortion doctor on trial for allegedly killing late term babies. This guy is disgusting. Some of the methods he used to kill babies are so horrific I won’t even mention them. Plus, the mere fact that this animal preyed upon desperate, under educated, low income women is even more sickening. How about the creed doctor? You know, “First, do no harm”. His clinic went 17 years without an inspection. Uh seriously? A Burger King can’t get away with that, how did he? The limit in Pennsylvania is 24 weeks….that’s 6 months and that is revolting. Have a nice time in Hell Dr.

~ Adios Texas football legend Jack Pardee. One of Bear Bryant’s legendary “Junction boys” at Texas A&M and the first NFL coach Walter Peyton ever had, Pardee was a hell of a football player and coach. I know somewhere former Buffalo Bills QB Jim Kelly is sad. Pardee launched his career with the run and shoot Houston Gamblers. Vaya con Dios amigo…you were what football is all about sir.

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